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March 18, 2011

SONOMA: Offering you freedom in your Hair

Lets start with an introduction. We want you to know everything about us, and we want to know you, our customer. When you contact us to purchase hair, we will want to know the look you are trying to achieve. Are you seeking versitility? Then maybe our wavy hair that can also be straightened is for you. Do you work-out often and need to look fabulous on the go? We would then suggest our curlier textures that are more wash and go. Is your natural texture thick and you often have difficulty blending? We suggest that you ask for a coarser texture hair.

Who are we?

SONOMA Hair Collection is for the fabulous female, who deserves to be able to change her hair from pop star to corporate, and to do it with class and style, and most importantly, undetected.

Why We Do It?

SONOMA was started due to a lack of quality hair collections accessible in the US, UK and Caribbean. We are committed to delivering a quality product, leaving you feeling like the fabulous diva you should be. It is our hope to revolutionize the standard of hair extensions one head at a time.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Our Hair Extensions serve three main purposes:
1. ENHANCE your current tresses for a fuller & more luxurious look.
2. REVIVE your natural hair by giving it a break by ‘protective styling’ using SONOMA Hair
3. RENEW your image, spirit and confidence by changing or updating your image

How Long Can I Wear Hair Extensions?

We suggest keeping your extensions in for 6-8 weeks. Although the hair is durable and can be worn longer and reused as you wish, we encourage taking care of your natural hair which means taking breaks from extensions to treat, trim and nurture your tresses.

How Do I wear Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are usually added to the hair in 3 ways:
1. Sewing Technique: Your hair is braided in a style that compliments your final look and secured as a base for attaching the hair wefts. A special weaving needle is used to sew the wefts to your braided base .

2. Fusion: The hair extensions are offered in bulk, i.e. not wefted. Small groups of strands are bonded to your natural hair using hair adhesive glue. The process is more time consuming but the final product gives the client more versatility.

3. Clips: The hair wefts are sewn to hair clips. This method is the most temporary and gives the client the most flexibility. Clips can be added and removed at will, for a range of fabulous looks!

During the next couple of posts, we will walk you through SONOMA best practices to have your hair looking perfectly undetectable.

For now, signing off.


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