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Protecting, Growing, and looking FAB!

March 29, 2011

Next to Christian Diors’ oversized cat-eye sunglasses the top accessory for Summer 2011 is your hair! There is a general misconception that anyone that wears hair extensions is bald or they don’t have their own hair underneath. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Women around the world are growing out beautiful heads of healthy hair using sew-ins to protect their own hair. In this hair crazed world that I live in, we call it ‘protective styling’, which is essentially giving your natural hair a break from the combs, chemicals, hot irons, relaxers and swimming (for all of my new clients who get to swim in that turquoise water!)

For our newbies, one of the healthiest methods of installing hair extensions is the sew-in. With this method, you have your hair braided in a pattern and then have hair sewn in on the top. In order for your hair to look the best, it is essential that you have a professional do this for you, carefully leaving out just enough hair to blend with the hair extensions. It is VITAL that you choose hair that matches your hair type as you don’t want to look ridiculous with coarse edges and silky extensions. We have ALL seen examples such travesties. These pictures give an example of the process.

The base braid pattern. Hair is left out strategically to blend with the hair


Braids left hanging are then sewn to the base of the hair creating a crown for the extensions to be attached


A side view of the Indian Remy Install.

Final product: Natural looking hair with hair protected underneath.

*Hair done by Jenny Lind, NYC*

For those who are adding extensions for thickness and body in their hair, you can also have a few strategic braids added to your hair in the same way. Even Kourtney Kardashian (and the rest of the Kardashian clan) uses this method to add length and fullness to her signature middle parted hair.

Kourtney having hair braided in order to add hair for thickness while maintaining the health of her hair

With SONOMA hair, we recommend that you keep your installed for no longer than 2 months. While your hair is in, we also recommend that you do the following in order to notice great growth when you take out your extensions:

  1. Wash by putting your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner in separate water/applicator bottles. Dilute it with water, and pour it over your head so it reaches your braids. Gently massage your scalp, and rinse thoroughly. This works great! You don’t have to wash as often as every 1-2 weeks or as needed.
  2. Make sure that your braids dry thoroughly to prevent build-up or your hair matting
  3. Moisturize every day by spraying a glyercin and water mix to by braids and to the hair that’s left out. I also seal the ends of the hair that’s left out with castor oil. This moister feeds the hair that is left out as well as the braids underneath the extensions in order to allow it to grow.

You should see notable hair growth while looking Fabulous Dahling!

Hair growth achieved by using protective styling and maintaining natural hair while hair is installed

We would be happy to chat about how we can help you to Enhance, Revive and Renew your hair using SONOMA Hair collection. Contact us at to begin the discussion!


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