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Every woman should have…

April 3, 2011

As we are becoming closer and I am learning more about each of you through your kind emails and messages, I’ve decided to share one of the BEST kept secrets in the hair industry with you, my new friends. (Thank me later)

Hair weaves or long term extensions aren’t for everyone. The braiding, sewing, fusing – the whole process can be daunting, especially for those who are newbies in the world of hair. Please don’t get me started on the time investment – If I add up the time that I have sat waiting for hairdressers, or getting my hair done, I’m pretty sure that I could have found a cure for an incurable disease! (Oh the sacrifice it takes to be extraordinary!)  All jokes aside, we discussed the amazing benefits of giving your hair a break by using these protective styling methods in a prior blog post. Please take a read if you haven’t done so.

There is another large group of ladies who don’t feel the need to use protective styling methods but are interested in the extra ‘hair boost’. These women tend to fall into a few categories:

a)      You want to be temporarily fabulous – An evening out, calls for you to channel your inner Cindy Crawford, and your medium length thin coif just isn’t achieving it

b)      Your hair has always been blah – The grade school mousy brown fringe is no longer working in your twenties. This calls for a boost in thickness/body/pizzazz

c)       You recently got a new haircut … and it’s horrible…like REALLY bad – A miracle is needed ASAP. You can’t possibly go out in public like this

d)      You have just taken your semi-permanent extensions/weave out – You look like buck-wheat’s cousin and you have a major meeting in the morning!… what to do.. what to do!

Whatever the reason may be, whether it is an emergency or out of fabulous necessity, I am SO happy to share with you the key that many a celebrity and fabulous person hold. These are CLIP-IN Extensions! Also known as miracle on clip!

SONOMA hair clip-in extensions come only in Human Remy hair. They come in already measured clips and it is as easy as parting your hair and clipping in the volume or length needed. I found you the below video to demonstrate how easy it is to put these in. Take a look at the incredible result!

SO Simple and easy right!? And the results are absolutely amazing. It is the quality of the hair that allows this to look authentic and undetectable! For those who have thinning hair, or those who just want to add length my advice is to take the clips to a hair dresser, have them put them in your hair and to have your hair cut and styled with them in by a professional. The results will blow you away. Here are some before and after pics of clip-ins being used if you don’t believe me!


So, now on to that list of things that every girl should own (including a set of pristine crystal wine glasses for when you need to entertain that impromptu drop in guest), please add, a set of Clip-in extensions for the days that you feel the need to appear perfect and more importantly, for the nights that you need to turn it up a notch!

SONOMA Hair collection is now taking pre-orders for clip-ins for our clients (including those in Bermuda!!) Contact us today at to get in on this first group order and to inquire about our selection according to your hair type and need.  Don’t be caught this summer without some of these in your back pocket!


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