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Pink Sponge Rollers

April 7, 2011

In my younger years, half of my Saturdays were spent getting my hair braided, which would stay within their intricate design for a week before the hair crept out again, beckoning another wash and braid. Before my mom taught herself how to braid, she would drop us to the hair-dressers after piano or swimming lessons. There the painful process of getting our hair washed, scalps greased and braided began. This just worked for my mom who started work at 7:30 AM and therefore had no time to bow to our requests of hairstyles that I had conjured up in my already vein baby brain.

I was 8 years old and it was the Friday before family pictures. My mom let me know that she was dropping me to the hair dresser to get my hair hot combed. All I ever wanted was straight hair so this had me literally dying with excitement. As I sat in that chair, staring right ahead at the picture of Mahalia Jackson on the wall of the elderly hair dressers shop, I was adamant to stay as still as I could so that she could get my hair perfect. There was no room for error. She lathered Dax grease on to my scalp as the metal comb laid face down on her red glowing stove. She then began and finished pressing my tightly coiled hair into perfectly straight shoulder length layers. When I looked in the mirror that day, I felt something. I felt beautiful. I left the salon smelling like smoking hair and grease, but no one would could tell me that I wasn’t the prettiest little girl walkin’.

My afrocentric theorist would argue that I felt beauty though my new straightened doo because of self-hatred and the image of beauty drilled into my head by blond Barbie. Maybe this is true… maybe it isn’t. What I know is that as I slept with chin on hands, sponge rollers set, being careful not to sweat out my press, because my 8 year old frame knew the price that we pay for beauty and I was willing to pay it! Side note, I have since, permed, cut, colored, rinsed, gone natural three times, weaved, braided and have attempted every style you could think of.

Fast forward to yesterday and my life has come full circle! I saw these pictures of a gorgeous Teyana Taylor, donned in ethnic printed garb and with large, natural hair that is to DIE for. These pictures gave me LIFE!!!  Every one of her features are Afro-rooted, just like mine and her large natural coily hair was her crowning glory – the BEST part? She didn’t have to grow it herself! (WHO HAS THE TIME THESE DAYS??)


Fam, I have been beyond busy preparing for the SONOMA Summer Collection photo-shoot which will launch in June. The most exciting thing is that this beautiful hair that you see on Teyana is close, if not identical to the SONOMA Caribbean Curl! So beyond being inspired, I am SO excited to be able to give all of us the option to look as fierce and fab as her with the launch of our Summer Collection. This summer, the straight hair just might have to be put to the side. Its all about the the confidence, and freedom of the SONOMA Caribbean Curl!

Stay tuned for our Summer Collection, and please drop me a line at to learn more about our products!


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