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Blending in

April 11, 2011

A few of my girlfriends got together this weekend to celebrate a birthday by heading out for a night on the town. As our separate lives/careers keep us from getting together as often as we would like, the times we do get together are treasured and we are usually seen cutting a rug on the dance floor in order to make up for lost time! We walk into the lounge, clothes – right out of Vogue May 2011 issue, make up – fresh, Heels on Max! (Think the Sex and the city four, but various shades of brown) and we grab a table at the far left, order a bottle of Dom Perignon and enjoy the music.

One of my favorite hobbies is to people watch. I find it cool to wonder things about the people around me: Where did they come from? What could their occupation be? Is their life boring? Exciting? – Weird, I know, but trust me, try sitting in the airport for hours at a time, and you pick up the strangest hobbies! Well, this night was no different for me. The dance floor was filled with male/female interaction, some doing WAY more than others to try to win the attention of the opposite sex. I then began to notice that there were way too many girls dressed in attempts to turn heads, nails done, face looking good… and their hair…. well, let’s just say that they tried. It got me thinking of the investment of time and money that we put into our hair, however if the textures, colors and blending are off, then you might as well foil the attempt, and put your energy into something else… (errr pottery or scrapbooking anyone? Hehe)

When we are deciding what texture hair we are going to purchase, it is important that we choose this based on the texture and color of our natural hair. Ladies, if your hair is thick and coarse in texture, stop buying the silkiest straightest Chinese hair!  There are textures that will match your own – just ask the experts to help you to choose.  Here are a few examples of texture mismatches. We have all witnessed such tragedies – They walk amongst us every day.  

Her hair texture is way too straight for this coarse texture weave. An example of Bad hair happening to good people

Jesus take the wheel...This could have been prevented by a simple twist out

No Words... Ensure that at the very least, you get the right color hair to match your natural hair


These examples could be prevented by simple texture selection and blending techniques. If you read my previous post, you like me are itching to try SONOMA’s Caribbean Curl hair which comes out this summer. If you have relaxed hair, or even natural hair that doesn’t have a clear curl pattern, there are techniques that can help you to blend so that the install will be undetectable.

a)      Start by choosing a color that actually matches your hair. When you get your hair put in (see ‘Protecting, Growing & Looking Fab’ which discuss braid patterns and leave out for sew in weaves) leave out just enough hair to cover the tracks. TIP: If you have really short hair, leave out as little hair as necessary to blend. The longer your hair is, the more you can leave out

b)      Try a twist out set on your leave out to create a curl pattern. This Youtube clip demonstrates a really neat way of creating a curl pattern for your hair if you don’t already have one. By doing this (with long hair or short hair), your hair should properly blend with the Caribbean curl hair.

There are also some products that I swear by to blend my natural hair with my extensions for African American hair.

This Mango Butter is the! It acts like a gel if you put it on your edges but doesn’t dry out your natural hair as it doesn’t have a high alcohol content. This is also great on the Caribbean curl hair for a moisturizer.

Miracle in a bottle

If you are looking to blend either natural or relaxed hair with a straight texture weave, I swear by the Babyliss ceramic iron and some biosilk serum. CHIIILE, the combo will have your natural hair looking like it was freshly relaxed I would say that too much heat isn’t good for your hair, so don’t press it out all the time if you don’t have to. There are also many heat protectants that you can purchase to preserve your hair.

SONOMA hair consultants are here to serve you! (I promise that we don’t bite). Feel free to drop us an email at . We would be happy to start the dialog about your hair and to let you know which hair would work best for your texture.

Talk soon!


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  1. jenny permalink
    April 11, 2011 11:39 am

    When I am blending the hair on my clients I use rusk thermal spray as a heat protectant and then use a fhi runway iron. If you are going to use heat, make sure that you have the right tools! Invest in a ceramic irons. A lot of them claim to be ceramic ,but they are actually plated. Which means that the heat is not dispersed evenly. And if you are needing to flat iron everyday to blend, then the texture you have picked out may be a little off..

    • April 11, 2011 12:51 pm

      I agree Jenny! If it takes that much work to blend, then your texture may be off.

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