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Hair Essentials: Quick and Easy

April 15, 2011

I’ve lagged by a day on the post but when I say that I have a laundry list of things to do that reaches to the floor, please believe!! I did want to pop in and say hi as well and impart a few quick words before I got back to running around headless. When you are so busy  – Career, business, kids, husband, extracurricular activities, the gym, and honoring commitments that you should never have made in the first place, its sad to say but the thing that usually suffers the most is our appearance. Who has time to look glam? All of the curling, teasing and gelling takes time out of our day and I am understanding more and more each day that sometimes, we simply don’t have the time to be cute! Whew!

Girls, if we can’t glam it up, we might as well ride the classic train. There are some simple styles that I can share with you that are fast and classic and will have you looking half decent even when you don’t know whats going on in your crazy life. So very quickly, Ill share some of my essentials:

A)     The Reliable Ponytail – The most versatile of the hair doo’s. But it looks best in a work setting and it will have you turning heads at the gym!

Ciara rocks a classic ponytail that is fast, easy, and appropriate for any occasion

Ciara rocks a classic ponytail that is fast, easy, and appropriate for any occasion

SONOMA  Virgin Straight, wavy or Curly hair can give you an amazing pony tail, Just make sure that you have a flat braid pattern with at least an edges out around the circumference of your head.

This circle braid pattern works best for the ponytail

B)     Braided Goddess  – This hairstyle is fantastic for a night out where you don’t have much time to prep as well as the kind of Saturday that you throw on a maxi dress.

Amanda Bynes works the frontal braids pinned back. This is a fast and flawless hairstyle

SONOMA Virgin Straight, wavy or Curly is also great for this style, just ensure that you are able to blend your hair with the braids at the front. A bobby pin can be used to secure the braids at the back of your head

c) Curly Coif – Nothing says quick and fabulous like large curly hair. Think amazing event and the need to channel your inner Diana Ross or lunch with the girls – big shades and a vintage dress.

Big hair, cut appropriately can be easy an easy way to look effortlessly amazing


SONOMA Virgin Curly or Caribbean Curl would be your selection for this look. Put your hair in a couple of giant braids at night, wake up, use some product and it can be as simple as scrunch and go!

We can all feel like life is running us ragged. – I’ve just shared 3 reasons with you why you shouldn’t have to look it.

Contact our hair consultants at to find out how you can order some hair to achieve these looks.



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