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Summer Inspiration

April 18, 2011

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous day – the sky was Carolina blue and the Sun was turned up to broil –  like reaallly hot. There is nothing like the sun to remind me of a few things. The first one is that I somehow ‘forgot’ to lose weight all winter. I swear it was on my list of things to do – but it’s always a week before bathing suit season that I break out my gym membership card and start trying to get my abs right. Secondly, I should probably switch over my wardrobe to my summer clothes but the stress of it all is what has me wearing wool pants in the heat of the summer. The third and major thought that is evoked by the sun is SUMMER HAIR! It’s that time to push aside our winter tendrils and emerge with a new summer look – which usually goes hand in hand with my new coral lipstick and turquoise jewelry.

So I want to share with you some of my summer hair inspirations and they all can be demonstrated by our favorite good girl gone bad: RIHANNA!

a)      I love to Travel. This summer I have a bachelorette trip planned to Jamaica, a voyage to the south of France and Im sure I will pop down to Miami if I find the time. Its important that I have the hair that will act right when I’m in the water or laying on the beach with a Pina Colada.


Rihanna looks ready for summer with her Virgin Indian Curly hair

The SONOMA Indian Virgin Remy curly hair is just right for this look. It can either be worn in dry curls, straightened or when you hit the water, it gives you a wet curly look. Perfect for the travel and those who want to look cute, even when stepping out of ocean.


b)      I never thought that I was good at short hair, until I tried it last summer. I transformed from cute fashionista into FIERCE fashionista.  Ladies, there is nothing more liberating than finding your edge. This style will do it and summer is the best time to try it.


From Fab to Fierce! A short crop will do it!


It is important that you get the bouffant at the top of your hair full and fabulous. If you don’t have the hair to have the drama of the full short crop, try some of SONOMA fresh relaxed clip ins. Add as much hair as you need to at the crown of your hair to temporarily add length and fullness. Have your stylist cut it and curl it back to add that pizzazz. I promise you will love it (send me pics when you try!)


c)       Bob hair cuts always seemed boring and ordinary to me, but Rihanna has put an amazing spin on the bob by adding light bouncy curls which is such a classy and cool look to brave the summer heat. If you use SONOMA Relaxed Texture or Indian Virgin Straight hair and add a few spongy rollers in the night,  and you can wake up to this Classic doo in the morning.


Short bouncy curls always compliment the summer heat


 Even if it is cold where you are, I promise, Summer is Coming! Have you started thinking about your summer hair? Whats your summer inspiration? Share your inspiration on this post or on our Facebook link!/pages/S-O-N-O-M-A-Hair Collection/107050176044178 –  Please also ‘like’ our facebook page and/or subscribe to our blog so that you get updates when there are new posts.

If you are interested in SONOMA helping you to achieve these looks, contact me at!


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  1. Milly permalink
    April 18, 2011 6:38 pm

    I’m a sucker for long curly tendrils. Maybe cuz I always wanted them when I was younger, but wasn’t blessed with the genes:( Well thanks to the Weave gods and Madame CJ Walker, I can be Rih Rih, Beyonce, and Teyana Taylor all in 1 summer. Can’t wait to try the new hair line Miss Sonoma!

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