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The Bad and the Ugly – Stylist Edition

April 21, 2011

It is a short week and I’m ecstatic. I was going to write a post about something joyous, reminiscent of pastels, kids in bonnets and the victory of Good Friday and Easter. I however, got distracted today (literally walked into a fire hydrant staring) as a lady strut past me donning leather pants, a leather vest, black boots with silver spikes, silky jet black wavy hair down to her mid back and… NO EDGES… Like none. Zilch. Zero Hairline. This of course had me ready to run to my Vaio laptop to start typing away. We’ve already discussed when bad hair happens to good people, but can we get into the deeper conversation of when Bad Hair Stylist happen to good clients??

This got me thinking, of the myriad of experiences I’ve had with awful hair dressers which span the gamut of just plain not knowing what they are doing to downright unprofessional. I have had enough nightmare hair experiences to write a book. Can you relate to any of these?

• The ‘Ill Be 20 minutes Stylist’ – We all have had one of these stylist whom you book an appointment well in advance just to arrive at the Salon to find out that they are just starting the first 2 micro -braids of another clients head. (OMGEE) You immediately see a five hr wait ahead. The only way to partially motivate this type of stylist is to threaten that you have a funeral in 3 hrs and you MUST be out of the shop!

 • The’ Half job Stylist’ – You go to this stylist because she is able to braid really small and she gets your sew –ins very flat and realistic looking. The only problem is that she can’t do anything else except braid and sew. She can’t style, color, relax , curl or cut. This leaves you with no choice but to pay her for her subpar half services and to go home to devote another 2 hrs to trying to style your own hair so that you look presentable.

• The ‘Old School Stylist’ – This type of stylist has done your mothers hair, grandmas hair and your hair since you were getting a Just for Me relaxer. You still go to her, for no reason except you are loyal and would hate to hurt her feelings. Every time you go to her, you circle the lot until you can get a parking spot outside of the door of the salon as you know you will have to do a mad dash from the salon to the car when she is done. There is no way in heaven that you would be caught in public with this grandma bouffant/ curled style that she left you with. But at least your perm is straight… right?

• The ‘Ghetto Hair Stylist’ – Sigh, Where do I start?! To get to this stylist you usually have to risk your life going through the hood to find ‘Pookies Palace’. It usually smells like Asian food and the stylist is rude, loud, rough, and stops doing your hair no less than 10 times to eat, smoke, talk on the phone, and to buy stolen clothing from the jugglers who come around and sell their merchandise. They usually don’t care what style you have. At the end when she shows you your hair, you have a middle part, and you have to smile and nod EVEN THO you asked for bangs, for fear of being cussed out. The upside – It’s a $50 install.

• The ‘Brain Aneurism Stylist’ – The lady referred to at the beginning of this post clearly went to one of these. This stylist braids so tight that you spend the entire time trying to remember if you owe her money or if you’ve ever done her any wrong. By the time she sews in your hair, you feel as if your head might explode. A few of these installs and you are left looking like Naomi Campbell.

More than quality hair, the person who does your hair is most important. You trust stylist with chemicals and methods that could actually destroy your image if done incorrectly. You therefore must ensure that they are professionals and care about the actual health of your hair. There are many great hair stylists out there and when we launch in June, we plan to do a feature twice a month on great, healthy hair, stylist around the world. We should support and help each other out when it comes to choosing stylists that actually do a good job.

If you are a healthy hair stylist, or if your stylist is phenomenal, please forward their details on to us at We would love to feature them at some point!

Until next time


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