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Crowning your Crown

April 26, 2011

This Easter post is a day late but after a glorious Easter weekend – wonderful weather, delicious food and  a riveting church service, I couldn’t let this feeling pass without a post dedicated to Easter Sunday .

I walked in to church on Sunday and was greeted by toe tapping music and a frenzy of fantastic church fashion. Old men were smooth in their 3 piece suits, some with pastel scarfs stuffed into their front pockets and of course the gators to match. The women were sharp in their freshly purchased dresses in yellow, pinks, white, blues and red. The showstoppers of course wore hats – the bigger, the better. Between enjoying the service, my mind floated as my eyes darted around at the sites in the congregation. I considered for half a second running to the closest Neiman Marcus to see how I would look in one of the gregarious hats. That thought was quickly vetoed however it got me thinking about hair accessories for Summer 2011. While they may not be a huge Easter hat, there are some fantastic accessories out there that will complement your SONOMA Hairstyle. I choose to wear a middle part, but no matter what you decide, here are my favorite hair accessories for the summer that will have you turning heads the same way that the church ladies do when they walk down the aisle of the church.

Rock star head scarf:

Nicole Richie looks fantastic in her colorful scarf

 This look will have you feeling like a bit of a rebel and is also a very fast and easy way to jazz up any outfit.

Boho Floppy hats:

Boho Chic


 These hats are burning up the runways reminicant of the 70’s style that is currently in. Your SONOMA curly, straight or wavy hair compliment these wide brimmed hats like none other


The Turban:

This sassy turban completes any look

This trend has moved over to the West from the Middle East and is fantastic for the daring fashionista. Ive seen ladies wear these turbans with curly hair and the combo is naturally chic. SONOMA Caribbean Curl would look great with this accessory.

The Panama Hat:

For an effortlessly cool look, the Panama Straw hat is sure to have women copying your look and men wondering who you are. Whether you are trying to be beach ready, or city chic, this hat, with freshly pressed SONOMA Relaxed Texture is the way to go!

The Giant  Bow Accessory:


 The best way to wear a giant bow is to tie it yourself. Take a scarf and tie a bow at the front of your head to jazz up an intentionally messy pony tail. See our ‘Hair Essentials” blog post to see the best braid pattern for a high pony tail.

Our hair is our crown and glory and whether its a large flowery church hat or a modern turban, crowning your crown is a necessity this summer! SONOMA is happy to help you to compliment with beautiful Remy Hair! Contact us to find out more about our products at


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