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Stepping into the light

April 29, 2011

Ive had some great calls and emails with you guys this week! Thanks for reaching out. It’s always such a nice reminder that there really are people out there in cyber world reading.  We are busy getting ready for our photoshoot next weekend in Bermuda! This is such a dream come true and I cant wait to share the pictures with you guys!  I received a question from a reader recently that I promised to share with all because if one is thinking it, more are probably thinking it too. Her question: Why should I purchase Remy Hair when I can go to my local Beauty supply store and pick up some hair which is less money and more convenient? The question broken down into my terms? –  WHAT IS THE HYPE ABOUT?!

I’ll be the first to admit that I like a deal. I would trek from the Upper East Side in NY to Flatbush in Brooklyn every other Saturday to go to this Asian Beauty Supply Store on Flatbush avenue to pick up this hair that would cost me $15.99 per pack. I would then take it to a salon on the same avenue , and  get my hair done by a “Ghetto Stylist” – See the post ‘The Bad and the Ugly’ to understand the reference. At the time, I thought my hair looked great! The colors matched, my texture was always more coarse than the silky Asian tresses but I was just happy to have longer hair!

The first week, that I would have the hair, I would spend the majority of my time finger combing throughout the day. The purpose: There would be this birds nest that would form at the nape of my neck due to the hair friction on the collar of my shirt. Unless you were my great friend, I wasn’t being alerted to the nest forming until I would take a bathroom break and would literally gasp at my image. Secondly, any oil or hair grease that got on the hair would have it looking synthetic and stiff. (I later found out that this was due to the Beauty supply hair not being 100% Human hair like they market, but being full of synthetic fibers!)  I like a deal, but I DON’T like looking a mess!

My day of salvation came when a friend (I had literally known her for 8 years y’all!) asked me to drop something to her house, and when I arrived, she didn’t have her extensions in! You could have bowled me over with a feather! I had NO idea that her hair wasn’t hers. NONE – And I know my weaves! It never occurred to me that her hair, which was usually curly and also could be straightened, wasn’t hers. What was different about it? The texture was natural; it bounced like real hair, and didn’t have that unnatural shine that my hair had. I sat her down and she gave me the scoop and it was at that moment, with arms out stretched, I was baptized into the world of Indian Remy Hair, never to look back and on a mission to save as many souls as I could!

15 years later, there are so many things that I have grown to love about quality Remy hair. One of which is how durable it is. I keep my hair in for 2 months and only take it out to treat and take care of my hair underneath. I then store this hair for later use if I want a different style or re-install if I want my hair refreshed! Gone are the days of the bi-weekly trek to Flatbush Ave!

I recently saw a Tyra show on the difference between synthetic hair and real hair. I thought the clip was a good one to demonstrate what I was talking about. And although the beauty supply hair isn’t always synthetic, it might as well be:

So those who need a change, come forward with your arms outstretched and ask, What must I do SAVE my hair!? Step into the light girls! SONOMA Hair Collection can help. Drop me an email at and I will be so happy to chat with you about the options that we offer!



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