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A SONOMA Hair-cation!

May 7, 2011

There comes a time in every hair-nista’s life where you take sympathy on your hair and determine that the torture has to stop. I don’t know when that moment will come for you, but it usually occurs when you see an amazingly happy lady walking down the street with healthy bouncing hair. My moment came when sitting on the Q train to Manhattan. I sat directly behind one of the most beautiful heads of natural hair I had ever seen – Shiny, defined curls in all its glory.  I had exactly 19 minutes before I reached my destination to stare at her head and then contemplate the pain and suffering that I had inflicted on my head, all in the name of quick fixes and beauty. The slap and dash relaxers, colors, bleaching, the hard gel and harsh products, the impromptu glue in extensions –  all of it had taken a toll on my hair and had left my hair looking limp, lifeless and frankly dead.

Limp and broken hair

I dove in to doing research on how to achieve a healthy head of hair. There is a wealth of information on the net, some worthwhile, others worthless. Whatever the case, whenever you determine that you want to start treating your hair like something that you actually love, there are some fundamental steps that you must take.

You have to get rid of your dead hair. It’s like that ex-boyfriend that is always lurking reminding you of your past indiscretions. There is a need for a cleansing.  In the hair world, the most common way of starting your healthy hair journey is something that they call it the big chop. This is when you grow your healthy hair out enough to cut off all of the dead ends and start treating your hair with care. Im not going to walk you through all of the options that you have to start this healthy journey – begin to google. What I do want to discuss is for those who have determined that they may need to trim their dead ends off and start healthy relaxing and treatments or they may need to go as drastic has growing their natural hair out at least 2 inches and then cutting the damaged perm off all together. Whatever the case, this usually leaves you with a new look, sometimes welcomed, sometimes a mess! So for all of those who need to start the healthy hair journey but cannot stomach the thought of walking into the office with a mini-fro, or for those who have started their hair journey and are trying to retain the length of the healthy hair they have grown out, SONOMA Hair collection can help!

Ends are fried but new growth starting to emerge!

The premise behind the SONOMA sew in regimen is giving your natural hair a much needed break from all of the daily hot curling, blow drying, relaxing and coloring. You are essentially giving your hair a vacation.

Step 1: Chat with our consultants to determine a texture that actually matches your natural hair texture and color. This stops the need for the hair that is left out to be heavily manipulated.

Step 2: Wash and treat your natural hair. If your hair is dry, use a treatment that is heaving moisture based. I personally like the Moroccan oil moisturizing treatment. If your hair is breaking, try a treatment that is heavily protein based

Step 3: Find a professional that will braid and sew your hair without sewing it so tight that they are pulling at your edges and breaking your hair.

Step 4: When your hair is sewed in, use a applicator bottle and use a diluted moisturizer shampoo and water mix to wash your braids. Make sure that the shampoo is sulfate free – Kera Care has a good one.  Use a moisturizing conditioner and do the same – I personally like Dove shampoo.

Step 5: *IMPORTANT* Make sure that your hair and braids are fully dry before you to sleep at night. Sitting under a hooded dryer works the best, otherwise your hair could matte under the extensions.

Step 6: Keep an applicator bottle with a light oil mixture, Olive, mango, tea tree oils and moisturize your braids a few times a week. This feed your starving hair and gives it the moisture to grow under the install. Don’t use anything heavy as it can cause build up and cause your hair to matte.

Step 7: Drink lots of water, and take hair and nail vitamins and at the least a multi- vitamin.

Step 8: Get your hair taken out and re-installed every 6-8 weeks. Your hair will need to breathe. Have a professional to take it out and treat your hair after. Use a wide tooth comb to clear out excess hair!! Don’t be alarmed if your hair is shedding quite a bit. It hasn’t been manipulated for 2 months and will have excess to shed.

Step 9: If you want to give your hair a break from the sew in and don’t want to reinstall right away, SONOMA clip in hair is a good way to look presentable in the interim. Otherwise, reinstall and continue to retain your length.

I have seen some amazing growth stories using protective methods to retain growth and to start a healthy hair journey. Whenever your day of realization comes, make sure you contact us. We’ll help you to take the trash out and send your hair on a much needed vacay!


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