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Hair makeover series I: Beach waves

May 12, 2011

Hey friends – Today starts the SONOMA Hair Collection makeover series. Every week for this month, one of the blog posts will focus on looks that you can try at home. They work really well with the SONOMA Collection Hair and will give you new ideas to revive your look this summer!

You know that I always have a story and today isn’t different. Today’s look was inspired by my stint at the beach this weekend. I thought that I would pack a good book, and wine and spend some ‘me time’ soaking in the sun. My hair was tied up in a messy ponytail with a royal blue scarf wrapped around the exterior.  While sitting there on the beach chair, a girl in a bandeau floral bikini walks across me – I had a total girl crush. She looked so beach appropriate and ready for the summer.  Her hair was in perfectly windblown beach waves. I went home, opened my VAIO and started to do some research. I found some pretty good videos etc on how to achieve the look.

The Look –  Summer Waves.

A headband accessory adds an extra element to this models Summer Waves

While SONOMA virgin wavy gives you a natural wavy look, this method will leave you with defined wave that will have you ready for a beach party or Happy hour cocktails.

You will need:

  • At least shoulder length hair. If you don’t have naturally long hair, SONOMA Virgin Wavy or Virgin Straight hair works well to achieve this look.
  • A  curling Iron. The bigger the iron, the bigger the waves. I also find that Conair’s clip less iron is a great tool. There is no clamp so its easy to twist the hair around the barrel.Conair Clip-less iron
  • Serum or light holding mist
  • Comb


1.Part your hair in the middle or to the side.

2. Start at the back and comb out a piece of your hair that is about an inch in width. Spray with light holding mist.

3.Take that piece of hair and wrap it around the iron. (Don’t confuse with curling the hair)


4. Hold the hair in place for 10 seconds. Release and it should leave your hair in an ‘s’ shape.

5. Continue until entire head is done.

6. Finger comb. 

7. Voila! Beautiful Beach waves!

Here are two videos with two different methods to create waves that I found helpful. They can be quite long so fast forward through the parts that you don’t need to see.

We want to see your Beach waves! Send us a picture of your attempt and we can post it for everyone to see –

Till next time!


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