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SALUTE! – The Modern Pin-up Gal

May 30, 2011


There is a buzz in the air. The streets are filled with ladies, scuffling around in flip flops keeping their freshly pedicured toes free to be dried, while doing their last minute pick up of push-up bikinis in Vicki Secrets bags….It must be Memorial Day weekend! Is there anything better? There is a general migration of all to be with family, friends, a charcoal hotdog and a tropical drink (something strong of course). Me? This weekend I headed to the land of the preppy and fabulous with my sister – The Hamptons!

With the best of my summer wardrobe packed, the biggest Marc Jacob sunglasses that I could find in my collection and enough shoes to last a month rather than a weekend, we were just about ready to go. The last thing that I had to attend to was my hair. I wasn’t going to Miami or to lie out on the beach for the entire weekend so my beach waves or Bantu knot out wouldn’t be appropriate. I wanted a style that was Hampton’s chic. What I came up with was a tribute to the troops who fight for each one of us, and who we are not to forget on this fun but so sacred holiday.

The 1920’s pin up girl was known for the sexy way that she paid homage to the troops of World War II. She was as  famous for this as she was for her iconic hair styles of pin up curls, tight curls and Rockabilly bangs.  The common denominator is that they all start with tight curls and then pieces of your hair are typically pinned up in a style.

Pin up girl salutes the troops!

These pin up styles have been showing up again on celebrities at recent events

Gwen Stefani gives her hair a total up sweep for a classic pin up look


Rihanna gives the pin up girl look a modern twist


Katy Perry channels Marilyn Monroes' pin up hair style


Funky R&B singer VV Brown gives us fab Rockbilly bangs!

These styles take confidence, a sense of fashion and a red lip never hurts! I packed my ceramic curling iron, a stash of bobbi pins and a travel tin of hair spray, ready to accomplish at least one of these couture styles on my Hamptons vacation. I watched this great video tutorial for direction. I currently have in some  Sonoma Virgin wavy hair, leaving out my edges around the exterior of my head, which makes this look easy to achieve.

Right now, I am sitting out on a lawn chair, sweet heart navy and white bodice, Chanel sunglasses, wedges, coral lipstick and my new pin up hair doo. As I take a sip of my Bellini, I can’t help but feel really chic! Mission accomplished!

Why not try it out – and if you need our help for additional length or thickness, contact me at and we will set you up!

Until Next time




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