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Color me Fab!

June 6, 2011

Hey there my lovely Hair-nistas! With the advent of June comes amazing color coming at our senses from all angles. There are flowers of all shades, blue skies, turquoise water, brightly colored summer fruits, color blocked clothing and brightly colored hair! Color is something that at some point we all consider for our hair. The more conservative of us (me included) stay within the deep browns and blacks. But then there are the more adventurous who are able to show the best of their personality by adding chunky highlights, or a head of color. The bulk of SONOMA Hair Collection is Virgin Indian Remy hair. What this means is that the hair is unprocessed; untouched by any chemicals, including relaxers and color. The hair tends to only come in natural browns and blacks, as these are the colors that hair donors in India naturally have. (So when you drop me that email to ask if you could have 16” Natural Indian hair in fire engine red…the answer is errrr).

In any case, just like your natural hair, you have the option of dying this hair to perfectly match the look that you are going for. Here are some celebrity color inspirations:

Queen B looks summer ready with her golden highlights

Rih Rih is fierce with fire engine red hair

When dying Indian Virgin hair, like your natural hair, you want to take care not to over process it or you will damage or lose the natural curl or wave pattern in the hair. If you are looking to get a bright color or to lighten hair, you will have to lift the natural hair color using a bleaching agent or developer. Once you have lifted the color, then the dye you choose over the top will give the hair the bright color that you are aiming for. The first thing that you should do is a strand test. This test just ensures that the chemical in the hair product isn’t too strong or damaging to the hair:

Step 1: Take a small section of the hair about (1/4-inch wide)

 Step 2: In a small glass or plastic bowl, mix a small portion of the developer or dye that you are about to use

Step 3: Place the strand in the mixture. Leave for the time recommended on the instructions in the box. (Each brand has its own development time.)

Step 4: Rinse and dry the strand to preview your hair color results.

Step 5: Examine the curl or wave pattern of the hair once dry. If there is no real change, you can proceed with applying the mixture to all of the hair.

For darker hair colors, Bigen hair colors tend to work quite well for me: 


To lift color, the easiest way I have found to do this is using one of the Clairol colors that have lifters and colors in the box.

Take a look at this great video that I found that will teach you how to highlight your extensions to achieve summer highlights. 

 Always remember to treat this hair like your own. When color treated, moisturize and treat the hair!

Put your gloves on, be bold, and give your hair that color pizzazz that screams SUMMER TIME!

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  1. August 31, 2011 5:24 pm

    Thanks for the info. Your blog has been added to my favorites.

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