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SONOMA Hair Collection Spotlight: SOLANGE KNOWLES

June 22, 2011

 Every now and then, we come across a celebrity who captures our attention and is deserving of a SONOMA Hair Collection Spotlight. The spotlight today is on Solange Knowles a friend in my head, who marches to the beat of her own drum. This week, she was captured in green palazzo pants and her signature curly fro that has quickly become a part of her branding.

Solange looking fabulous uses extensions to add drama to her signature 'fro.

If you have followed Solanges’ career, early on, she was overshadowed by her ‘power house’ of a sister Beyonce Knowles. It almost appeared as if she followed in her footsteps in music choice and style.

Beyonce and Solange

In the Summer of 2009, the celebrity blogs were abuzz with news of Solange shaving her head.  When the pop culture, cookie cutter print of beauty includes long flowing locks, this appeared to be a bizarre definition of stardom.  The day that she made this brave step proved to be a career defining moment. Out of the fallen locks, emerged a personality that was there all along, but that we didn’t see. Eclectic. Funky. Boho chic. Vintage. She is channeling 1960’s Pam Grier/Diana Ross which is refreshing.

Solange shaves her hair into this stunning style - July 2009

Solanges hair growing outLooking funky as she heads to the movies with her son

Vintage Solo - Magazine Cover

Solo’s hair has grown out considerably since the big chop in 2009, but she often plays with Curly extensions to create extra volume and drama for whatever look she is attempting to achieve. SONOMA Hair Collection’s Caribbean Curl can help you to achieve a similar look and you can brush it
out or wear it in defined curls depending on the look you are attempting to achieve!

What hair defining look will you try that will help your radiant personality to shine through? Email us at if you wish to be featured!

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. CiCi permalink
    July 18, 2011 11:37 pm

    Solange has natural style. Beyonce isnt a powerhouse, she cant even sing. Yelling isnt singing. Solange is the more musical one & she has that smooth, sultry voice, not Beyonce.

  2. August 6, 2011 10:58 pm

    Hahahahahaha Beyonce can’t sing? That’s news to the world.

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