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Bangs that arent forever

June 28, 2011

I spent last evening, with a Moroccan oil treatment, with a warm towel wrapped around my hair while I watched the BET awards. There is so much that could be said about the actual award show – the comedy by Kevin Hart and  of course the blunders (OMG). I was looking for some fab award show hair. The BET award usually brings out more of a funky relaxed look as opposed to fancy. I have to say that I wasnt blown away by any of the hair on the show, but I did notice a trend. Bangs! They were seen by many of the biggest celebrities on the red carpet.

Let me preface this by saying that I only noticed this trend, it doesn’t mean that I’m a FAN of the trend. Truth be told, I think that bangs are great, but in my (humble) opinion, I don’t think that bangs should ever make your hair look like a wig – (like you could pick it off of your head).  I also tend to feel as if half of the world is a furnace during the months of June-August so bangs could literally jeopardize one’s health in this heat!  Nevertheless, the stylist gods say otherwise. Let’s recap the red carpet looks:

Miss Kelly Rowlands bangs with waist length hair looks perfect on her!

Keri opts for a razor cut with fringe bangs in blond. Cool look for the summer

Nikki Minaj toned down her look and gave us a classy chin length bob with full bangs for the event!

Mary J Blige rocks her bangs with a ponytail

If there is one thing that we know, bangs are a commitment. How many times have we decided to commit to a cute fringe because we are looking for a ‘different’ look, only to cut them crooked, or end up looking like we are in fifth grade again. As many mistakes in life, they tend to be irreversible and have to be grown out, so we spend 6 months out of our life pinning them to the side with a bobbi pin (oh the pain!) Well, SONOMA Hair collection can help.

We have a clip-in hair collection that is oh so useful. If you want to even try bangs, why not clip some hair into the front of your hair and cut bangs yourself! The best news? If you love them, great, if you hate them, take them out!

Check out this tutorial that I researched on how to cut your own fringe bangs. Why not try SONOMA Hair collection clip-in hair extensions for some fresh new bangs.

Finally, we dont have to commit to this look! Try’em out girls. Drop me a line at!


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