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‘Sealing’ the deal

July 20, 2011

Hey Girls – As the SONOMA Hair Boutique launch approaches, I want to begin to give some pointers on how to preserve and protect the Remy hair  – (both our Natural and Match Collections), that you will hopefully purchase. For many of us, hair is not just a necessary accessory, it’s a major investment!  Its our form of mutual funds and appreciating valuable good. So, it’s only natural that we should protect and treat the Remy hair like something to be treasured and cared for. Like anything, the better that it is cared for, the longer that it lasts, and the less of it you have to purchase, (unless you want a new look!)

One of the major ways that hair loses its value is by the shedding that takes place.  Even if hair is wefted perfectly, there may be a small degree of hair that sheds. One of the best hair investment preservation strategies that that I have learned is to seal the wefts of the hair – very simple yet USEFUL practice.

The weft of the hair is the strip of hair at the top, in which the hair is sewn together to form a bundle of hair that can be used to be sewn or bonded to your hair for hair extensions/enhancement

The hair is sewed together and is held together by a strip called a Weft.

Using a fabric fray sealant, which can be found at any craft store or Walmart, when you apply it to the weft, it secures the weft and prevents shedding! Simple. Some of the best sealants that Ive used have been Dritz Fray Check and Fray Block.

Fray Block is a great option if you are looking to seal your hair.


Dritz Fray Block is a good hair sealer


The best  method that I use is to take a towel and place it on your iron board. Put the weft of hair on the board and begin to seal! Sealing is the act of applying the seal solutin only on the weft, being very careful not to get any of the solution on the hair.  Seal the hair on both side and let dry for 20 mins. Your hair is then ready for install!

Ive found this video that will give you a good visual of what Ive just described above.

Lets protect our hair investment by sealing our wefts.

Happy Sealing.


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