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SONOMA Hair Chronicles: Rule Breakers

July 27, 2011

Fierce and Fabulous with no apologies!


I was in the post office today after sneaking out of the office to collect a package that housed a pair of Fendi shoes that I got from the Saks Fifth Avenue sale. As I stepped to the counter to hand the post officer my slip, I could feel someone watching me. I slowly turned around and saw a girl I knew who SCREAMED across the post office “Where’d all of that hair come from? Last time I saw you, you had a short crop!” – (Oh NO she didn’t…) Well folks, there were different ways that I could have responded; the most suitable being me grabbing the post officers stamp and reeling it at her head in hopes of it knocking her to the floor and silencing her. However, I chose to be mature, as I looked in her direction (2 seconds longer for impact), looked back at the officer and then continued with my business. I didn’t acknowledge her at all. I left miffed with the situation, but my package cheered me up ;). So as an ode to the big mouth, I am going to share with you 3 major rule breakers when it comes to my hair.

1) The Investigator

 The Investigators plight in life is to figure out whether you are wearing a weave or hair extensions. So, your hair is fabulous as usual, and whilst it isn’t a secret that you wear weaves, (since you change your hair ALL the time), every time you get it done, you fool even the best of hair experts with your perfect blending. This is something that you pride yourself on and it is the bain of the investigators existence. They usually have a hand slip to the back of your head when they give you a hug – to see if they feel tracks of course, or as you are talking to them, you can usually watch their eyes travel to the top of your head to see if they can work out where your hair merges with the extensions. You want to tell them to snap out of it and get a life, but the best revenge is to have your bouncy Virgin Remy swipe them as you swish your head around and exit stage left.

2) The Gawker

The Gawker usually comes in the form of a friend or co-worker. One day, they get up and decide that they want a different look or that they want hair like yours. They pull you aside and ask you where you get your hair done and you reveal that its not all yours (to their shock). You sympathize with your friend and out of the kindness of your heart, you share where you buy your hair and how they can get some. To your chagrin, you are met with gawking on how much you spend on your hair, EVEN though you break down that they spend more for their hair every month and that yours is an investment that has lasted you for months!. Walk away slowly from a gawker. The math won’t add up and your business is your business. Just choose carefully who you choose to share with going forward!

 3) The Faux Stylist

So you decide to go for something different and try a natural look (without the years of going natural) and you purchase some Caribbean curly hair. Your new look has heads turning and you have a new spring in your step. There is that one friend (or relative) that always has to rain on the parade and tell you that your hair is too long, thick, or loud. This is typically a person who is desperately in need of a makeover themselves and has no room dishing out advice. My response usually goes something like “ Thanks so much for your advice Donatella Versace… but I think I know the look that I was going for”. PUH-LESE save your advice for someone who cares!

Our hair is a major outlet of our individual expression and we ought to be able to make changes without feeling outside pressure! SONOMA Hair Collection is here to help you to achieve the look you are going for and to support you along the way. We’d love to hear from you.

Till next time,



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