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The Bridesmaid Bun

August 9, 2011

‘Tis the season of the bridesmaid – not the bride.  I don’t know about you gals, but I feel like I have a bunch of friends who are engaged or waiting patiently to be engaged – and that only means one thing…. Bridesmaid duties! It’s our role to keep our beloved bride happy. We are there at the blushing brides’ beck and call, doing whatever she says with the occasional eye roll, but with a heart of good intent. This also includes the dictatorial command to wear the frock that she picks and our hair in the style that she demands. Some of us are lucky, with an absolutely fab bride who has amazing choices, and some of us aren’t so lucky… (Ill leave it at that). I am one of the more fortunate to be in a wedding of a friend with great choices. My bride has recently sent out the hair demands for the big day. Her only stipulation – the hair must be up and off of the shoulders. This request got me thinking about classic bun up do’s that complement the classic wedding and can also look great on a girls night out (with Red NARS matte lips of course). Without further ado, here are my favorite buns.


The low classic bun with a middle part is a showstopper


Kim Kardashian channels simple and chic with a high slicked back bun


Our greek goddess Beyonce's large bun is garnished with a thick braid


This model is FIERCE with a large side bun and accompanying side swoop

To have the fullest and best bun, you will want to have hair extensions if you don’t have  the hair to create your style. You can either do this using SONOMA Hair clip-ins, clipping the hair strategically so that the clips aren’t revealed when you put the hair up.  You can get a sew in using our premium hair wefts. Just advise your stylist to leave out the entire exterior (the front and nape) of your hair. Ensure that your braids are flat and small. This will allow your ponytail to be smooth and blended.

When you are pinning your hair into the bun pattern, these bobby pins are the best to use.


These invisible bobby pins work best when pinning up hair


Pin into your selected style. Remember, practice makes perfect! Be effortlessly and classically chic whether you are supporting your friend in a wedding or if you are turning heads on Friday night out!


SONOMA Hair Collection can help you with the lengths and fullness. Email and we will be happy to consult you.





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