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Parade of Beauty

August 17, 2011

It’s the most wonderful timmme of the year.  No it isn’t Christmas, not football season (but that comes in a close second)… It’s amost time for the Miss Universe pageant!  For the girly girls out there, Im sure that you will agree that nothing beats sitting on the couch with your mother, sister or friends totally mesmerized  by these perfect gazelle-esq  women parading down the runway in anticipation of winning the title of Miss Universe! (What a grandiose title).

I’ve gotten a sneak peak at the contestants and they are in for a tight race. Next to the amazing bedazzled dresses, all in gorgeous jewel tones, the thing that totally makes or breaks the women is their hair. I got a peak of the contestants on and let’s just say that competition is stiff. I chose the hair that looked most similar to Sonoma’s Hair Collection. Check out my picks below:

Miss Haiti – Anedie Azael

Miss Haiti

Miss Haiti looks gorgeous with her head crowned in her Natural curly coif.  Her eccentric look is sure to set her apart from the other contestants. Sonoma Hair Collections Caribbean Curl Hair, cut and fluffed out can give you a similar look. Its up to you to add the dash of glamour that she is giving!


Miss Sri Lanka – Stephanie Siriwardhana

Miss Sri Lanka

Miss Sri Lanka’s natural curls are almost giving her an innocence which is beautiful. Her stunning mane frames her face perfectly and has the body that I know will float down that runway when her time comes to shine. Sonoma Hair Collections Natural Indian Curl Hair can give you similar curls and body achieved by the gorgeous Miss Sri Lanka


Miss India  –  Vasuki Sunkavalli

Miss India

Miss India’s natural beauty is magnified by her natural straight black hair. Her stunning angles in her face are brought out by her crown of gorgeous black hair. Sonoma Hair Collections Natural Indian Straight Hair can assist you in achieving a similar look.


Miss Bahamas – Anastagia Pierre

Miss Bahamas

 Island princess Anastagia Pierre poses with sweeping relaxed straight hair. Her wispy style could best be achieved using Sonoma Hair Collections Relaxed Textured Clip-hair. You would be able to clip in according to the thickness that you wish to achieve. Miss Bahamas does this style full justice!


Miss Czech Republic – Jitka Novackova

Miss Czech Republic

Miss Czech Republic looks carries a natural beach blown beauty. Her sun bleach blond hair that also has a slight wave will translate into absolute beauty during the competition. Sonoma Hair Collections Blond Clip –in Hair will assist you in easily achieving this look. Just clip in, wet the hair, put in 2 large braids and then take out to get these subtle waves.


Miss Angola – Leila Lopes

Miss Angola

The gorgeous Miss Angola rocks subtle waves for the pageant that assists in giving her a really sexy look. Although Sonoma Hair Collections Natural Wavy Hair is wavier than that of Miss Angolas, by brushing out the waves, you would be able to achieve a similar look. I know that she will undoubtedly be a knock out on the runway on pageant day.


Be sure to go on to to get a look at all of the contestants competing. Be sure to contact us at  to learn more about our products.


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