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Growth Tactics

August 31, 2011

I’m shamelessly basing this post around the fantastic news of the week! Our royal couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a baby! Its fair if you weren’t as excited as me upon hearing the news, however when my girl threw her Dolce & Gabbana sequence jacket off at the VMA’s to show off that belly, the reaction that Jay gave was priceless (as I screamed in my room)!


Anyway, all this baby talk has me in a baby  state of mind. How does this relate to hair? All of my pregnant friends rock a baby bump and a head full of thick and healthy hair. Why? Pre-natal vitamans! Apparently they feed the hair with extra nutrients that are healthy for the baby and fabulous for the hair and growth Dah-ling!. So for us who aren’t preggers, what can we do to help to push the growth of our hair along?

Here are 3 good growth aids (that I have actually tried). These work best while also giving your hair a break from blowdrying and heat – so a weave/extensions is a great option as the base braids keep your hair tucked away and healthy.

Biotin – Biotin is necessary for cell growth. Cell growth is necessary for hair growth. Biotin supplements are available in pharmacies and it assists with hair and nail growth. My Biotin product of choice? Liquid Biosil!. It truly works. Mix a couple drops with your morning juice and prepare to see results.

Nioxin Vitamins – These vitamins focus on the improvement in elasticity, thickness and collagen formation. These vitamins to help promote healthy hair and nail growth and also provide elasticity for skin to look more youthful. With patience (which I know I lack) you will see increased hair growth while using them.

Megatek – Ok. Let me preface this by saying that this treatment will sound odd, but strangely, it works! This product was originally created to promote longer and fuller hair in show horses but now it seems that it works equally as well on humans! (Not sure who the first person was to discover this but oh well!) It is now being sold for human use and you will see speedy growth rates while applying this treatment to your scalp a couple times a week. If your hair is braided up, a bottle with a nozzle works best for application.

Well there you go. We all aren’t preggers, but we can certainly have a head full of healthy hair like we are!  Happy growing!


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