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SONOMA Hair Chronicles: Rule Breakers

July 27, 2011

Fierce and Fabulous with no apologies!


I was in the post office today after sneaking out of the office to collect a package that housed a pair of Fendi shoes that I got from the Saks Fifth Avenue sale. As I stepped to the counter to hand the post officer my slip, I could feel someone watching me. I slowly turned around and saw a girl I knew who SCREAMED across the post office “Where’d all of that hair come from? Last time I saw you, you had a short crop!” – (Oh NO she didn’t…) Well folks, there were different ways that I could have responded; the most suitable being me grabbing the post officers stamp and reeling it at her head in hopes of it knocking her to the floor and silencing her. However, I chose to be mature, as I looked in her direction (2 seconds longer for impact), looked back at the officer and then continued with my business. I didn’t acknowledge her at all. I left miffed with the situation, but my package cheered me up ;). So as an ode to the big mouth, I am going to share with you 3 major rule breakers when it comes to my hair.

1) The Investigator

 The Investigators plight in life is to figure out whether you are wearing a weave or hair extensions. So, your hair is fabulous as usual, and whilst it isn’t a secret that you wear weaves, (since you change your hair ALL the time), every time you get it done, you fool even the best of hair experts with your perfect blending. This is something that you pride yourself on and it is the bain of the investigators existence. They usually have a hand slip to the back of your head when they give you a hug – to see if they feel tracks of course, or as you are talking to them, you can usually watch their eyes travel to the top of your head to see if they can work out where your hair merges with the extensions. You want to tell them to snap out of it and get a life, but the best revenge is to have your bouncy Virgin Remy swipe them as you swish your head around and exit stage left.

2) The Gawker

The Gawker usually comes in the form of a friend or co-worker. One day, they get up and decide that they want a different look or that they want hair like yours. They pull you aside and ask you where you get your hair done and you reveal that its not all yours (to their shock). You sympathize with your friend and out of the kindness of your heart, you share where you buy your hair and how they can get some. To your chagrin, you are met with gawking on how much you spend on your hair, EVEN though you break down that they spend more for their hair every month and that yours is an investment that has lasted you for months!. Walk away slowly from a gawker. The math won’t add up and your business is your business. Just choose carefully who you choose to share with going forward!

 3) The Faux Stylist

So you decide to go for something different and try a natural look (without the years of going natural) and you purchase some Caribbean curly hair. Your new look has heads turning and you have a new spring in your step. There is that one friend (or relative) that always has to rain on the parade and tell you that your hair is too long, thick, or loud. This is typically a person who is desperately in need of a makeover themselves and has no room dishing out advice. My response usually goes something like “ Thanks so much for your advice Donatella Versace… but I think I know the look that I was going for”. PUH-LESE save your advice for someone who cares!

Our hair is a major outlet of our individual expression and we ought to be able to make changes without feeling outside pressure! SONOMA Hair Collection is here to help you to achieve the look you are going for and to support you along the way. We’d love to hear from you.

Till next time,




‘Sealing’ the deal

July 20, 2011

Hey Girls – As the SONOMA Hair Boutique launch approaches, I want to begin to give some pointers on how to preserve and protect the Remy hair  – (both our Natural and Match Collections), that you will hopefully purchase. For many of us, hair is not just a necessary accessory, it’s a major investment!  Its our form of mutual funds and appreciating valuable good. So, it’s only natural that we should protect and treat the Remy hair like something to be treasured and cared for. Like anything, the better that it is cared for, the longer that it lasts, and the less of it you have to purchase, (unless you want a new look!)

One of the major ways that hair loses its value is by the shedding that takes place.  Even if hair is wefted perfectly, there may be a small degree of hair that sheds. One of the best hair investment preservation strategies that that I have learned is to seal the wefts of the hair – very simple yet USEFUL practice.

The weft of the hair is the strip of hair at the top, in which the hair is sewn together to form a bundle of hair that can be used to be sewn or bonded to your hair for hair extensions/enhancement

The hair is sewed together and is held together by a strip called a Weft.

Using a fabric fray sealant, which can be found at any craft store or Walmart, when you apply it to the weft, it secures the weft and prevents shedding! Simple. Some of the best sealants that Ive used have been Dritz Fray Check and Fray Block.

Fray Block is a great option if you are looking to seal your hair.


Dritz Fray Block is a good hair sealer


The best  method that I use is to take a towel and place it on your iron board. Put the weft of hair on the board and begin to seal! Sealing is the act of applying the seal solutin only on the weft, being very careful not to get any of the solution on the hair.  Seal the hair on both side and let dry for 20 mins. Your hair is then ready for install!

Ive found this video that will give you a good visual of what Ive just described above.

Lets protect our hair investment by sealing our wefts.

Happy Sealing.


SONOMA POLL: Enough about me….more about you

July 13, 2011



Hello dear friends,

This week we hit over 1000 likes on FB! Thanks guys. Its the little things that we should celebrate 🙂 If you haven’t yet ‘Liked’ us, make sure that you go on and do so to get direct post updates.!/pages/S-O-N-O-M-A-Hair-Collection/107050176044178 

We also have a website face lift in the works and the grand opening of the SONOMA Hair Collection online boutique in the next few weeks!!  Excited doesn’t begin to sum up how I’m feeling! So, thanks for the love guys – continue to read and forward on to your friends *giant hug*.

Today, I want to hear from you. Ive talked and talked and talked for the last few weeks – It is now my turn to ask the questions! So. enough about me, more about you… Take 2 minutes to answer the below polls. I will share the results with you so that you also know who is reading along! Your answers will help me to tailor these posts directly to you – I also just want to know who Im talking to out there in cyber world!

Here are the questions:



Thank you for participating in this poll. We will be back to the regular scheduled discussions next post! If there is anything that you wish to discuss one on one , I would be tickled to hear from you. Email me at


Best wishes,



Hair ‘Dressing’ – Hair Recipes

July 6, 2011

I have a confession. The older I get, is the more domestic that I am trying to be. I am in this phase now where I have stopped using my oven to house my winter sweaters (too many clothes + NY apt = Desperate!) The catch is trying to be Betty Crocker WHILE trying to watch my weight, which is proving to be a losing battle. I end up with a fridge full of leftovers and random ingredients that are just taking up space. After stepping on the scale and noticing that my weight had gone up (again), I decided to hang up my apron and to never enter another Whole Foods Supermarket – Ever…In fact, I didn’t even want food in my house! (Extreme – but necessary)

 In efforts to clear my fridge, I began to think, why not go online to see what kind of great homemade treatments I could use for my hair. Ive just taken out my 2 month install and am wearing clip ins. I plan to treat my hair like royalty for the next month by treating, trimming and pampering it until all nutrients are revived. After searching online, I found some great recipes … for my hair. It’s a win-win, recession proof way of treating our hair, using true organic products right out of our fridges and cupboards. Ive tried some of these concoctions, and they really work.

So without further ado ladies, pull out your bowls, mixers, and check out these recipes:

 If your hair needs increased shine

Mash a banana, add 1 tablespoon of honey and mix. Wet hair with lukewarm water. Apply the mix all over hair. Put a shower cap on and cover with a towel (warmed in the tumble dryer even better). Leave on for an hour and then shampoo and rinse out.

For dry and brittle hair

¼ cup of olive oil 1 egg Mix together and apply. Cover with plastic wrap or shower cap and then a warmed towel. Leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Shampoo as usual.

 Dandruff Treatment

Boil 7 tablespoons dried thyme in 2 cups water for 10 minutes. Strain and cool. Pour 1/2 mixture over clean, damp hair. Massage into scalp, do not rinse. Use the rest of the solution another day.

Yogurt Hair Mask

Beat 1 egg white until foamy. Add to 6 tablespoons plain natural yogurt. Apply to hair in small sections at a time. Leave in for 15 minutes. Rinse.

To add volume

In a bowl, mix one egg yolk, a half cup of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil, and two small, ripe avocados. Apply the concoction to the entire head and leave on for one to two hours, until hard. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Coconut Protein Treatment for breaking hair

Combine 2 eggs, 3 tbsp. coconut milk, 2 tbsp. honey, 2 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. vanilla extract in a bowl. Mix the ingredients with a fork until blended well. Wet your hair with warm water. Apply the mixture directly to your hair, taking the time to massage it into your roots. Allow the coconut protein mixture to set for 30 minutes. Rinse the hair treatment out thoroughly, and shampoo your hair as usual.


Amazing right? I thought that I had hung up my apron for good but it is back in action –  but only to provide amazing results for my hair (not added inches to my thighs!) We always love to hear your feedback and results.

Contact us at!

Happy Cooking!


Bangs that arent forever

June 28, 2011

I spent last evening, with a Moroccan oil treatment, with a warm towel wrapped around my hair while I watched the BET awards. There is so much that could be said about the actual award show – the comedy by Kevin Hart and  of course the blunders (OMG). I was looking for some fab award show hair. The BET award usually brings out more of a funky relaxed look as opposed to fancy. I have to say that I wasnt blown away by any of the hair on the show, but I did notice a trend. Bangs! They were seen by many of the biggest celebrities on the red carpet.

Let me preface this by saying that I only noticed this trend, it doesn’t mean that I’m a FAN of the trend. Truth be told, I think that bangs are great, but in my (humble) opinion, I don’t think that bangs should ever make your hair look like a wig – (like you could pick it off of your head).  I also tend to feel as if half of the world is a furnace during the months of June-August so bangs could literally jeopardize one’s health in this heat!  Nevertheless, the stylist gods say otherwise. Let’s recap the red carpet looks:

Miss Kelly Rowlands bangs with waist length hair looks perfect on her!

Keri opts for a razor cut with fringe bangs in blond. Cool look for the summer

Nikki Minaj toned down her look and gave us a classy chin length bob with full bangs for the event!

Mary J Blige rocks her bangs with a ponytail

If there is one thing that we know, bangs are a commitment. How many times have we decided to commit to a cute fringe because we are looking for a ‘different’ look, only to cut them crooked, or end up looking like we are in fifth grade again. As many mistakes in life, they tend to be irreversible and have to be grown out, so we spend 6 months out of our life pinning them to the side with a bobbi pin (oh the pain!) Well, SONOMA Hair collection can help.

We have a clip-in hair collection that is oh so useful. If you want to even try bangs, why not clip some hair into the front of your hair and cut bangs yourself! The best news? If you love them, great, if you hate them, take them out!

Check out this tutorial that I researched on how to cut your own fringe bangs. Why not try SONOMA Hair collection clip-in hair extensions for some fresh new bangs.

Finally, we dont have to commit to this look! Try’em out girls. Drop me a line at!


SONOMA Hair Collection Spotlight: SOLANGE KNOWLES

June 22, 2011

 Every now and then, we come across a celebrity who captures our attention and is deserving of a SONOMA Hair Collection Spotlight. The spotlight today is on Solange Knowles a friend in my head, who marches to the beat of her own drum. This week, she was captured in green palazzo pants and her signature curly fro that has quickly become a part of her branding.

Solange looking fabulous uses extensions to add drama to her signature 'fro.

If you have followed Solanges’ career, early on, she was overshadowed by her ‘power house’ of a sister Beyonce Knowles. It almost appeared as if she followed in her footsteps in music choice and style.

Beyonce and Solange

In the Summer of 2009, the celebrity blogs were abuzz with news of Solange shaving her head.  When the pop culture, cookie cutter print of beauty includes long flowing locks, this appeared to be a bizarre definition of stardom.  The day that she made this brave step proved to be a career defining moment. Out of the fallen locks, emerged a personality that was there all along, but that we didn’t see. Eclectic. Funky. Boho chic. Vintage. She is channeling 1960’s Pam Grier/Diana Ross which is refreshing.

Solange shaves her hair into this stunning style - July 2009

Solanges hair growing outLooking funky as she heads to the movies with her son

Vintage Solo - Magazine Cover

Solo’s hair has grown out considerably since the big chop in 2009, but she often plays with Curly extensions to create extra volume and drama for whatever look she is attempting to achieve. SONOMA Hair Collection’s Caribbean Curl can help you to achieve a similar look and you can brush it
out or wear it in defined curls depending on the look you are attempting to achieve!

What hair defining look will you try that will help your radiant personality to shine through? Email us at if you wish to be featured!

Until Next time ,



FACE the facts!

June 14, 2011

Over the last few months, we have had ‘hair raising’ conversations regarding all of the looks that we could achieve with the use of SONOMA hair collection. Whether your style is conservative or funky, the sentiment remains not all styles are for everyone. Whilst it may be tempting to have celebrity 20” wavy hair, or a Corrine Bailey Rae bantu knot out the fact remains that we are not all risk takers and there is no way that we would be leaving the house looking like a circus clown. (Can I get an amen?!)

Well, there are a few things that I want to share that will help you to make more calculated hair decisions. Firstly take a look at your face shape. Don’t criticize your shape, embrace it. It is a road map to the styles that will work best for you. Here are the basic shapes and general rules:


The oval face – People with an oval face shape can wear most hairstyles and lengths. Try out lots of different hair styles and focus on the ones that make you feel amazing!

 The Round face – Hair should be cut to create the illusion of length in the face. Try to minimize roundness by creating less volume around the face.

The Long face – The best hair cut is one which creates volume at the sides disguising the narrowness. 

The Heart face – The hair style’s objective should be to create an oval by adding width at the jawline. You can also try bringing out your eyes by wearing side-swept bangs.

The Square face – The best hair style seeks to elongate the face. Hair should be layered around the face to soften the jawline. Try textured styles and lots of curls.


I would like to share a secret , that I’ve been using for some years that is an AMAZING tool. I’m talking about Essence Magazine’s Makeover magic!!


Like most of todays technology, this actually seems like magic! It provides you the option uploading a picture of yourself and gives you the option to virtually try out several trendy hairstyles. Tip: Upload a picture with your hair pulled back. This will allow the hairstyles that you choose to look the most realistic.

So girls, grab a glass of wine on a lazy Saturday and enjoy playing around with different looks! If you discover a look that you wish to try that requires length or thickness make sure that you contact us at so that we can assist you!


Talk to you soon!